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Gitploy provides a command tool for each version. The most recent version of the command is provided on this page, but if you need a specific version of the command, you can check the assets by version on the release page of GitHub.

Binary Downloads​

Download and install the raw binaries by platform:

Linux x64tarballchecksum
Linux arm64tarballchecksum
Linux armtarballchecksum
Windows x64tarballchecksum
Darwin x64tarballchecksum
Darwin arm64tarballchecksum

Install on Linux​

Download and install on Linux:

curl -L | tar zx
sudo install -t /usr/local/bin gitploy

Install on OSX​

Download and install on OSX:

curl -L | tar zx
sudo cp gitploy /usr/local/bin


The command-line tools interact with the server using REST endpoints. You will need to provide the CLI tools with the server addresses and your authorization token. You can find your authorization token in your Gitploy account settings (click your Avatar in the user interface).

1. Configure your Gitploy server address:


⚠️The host must have a trailing slash (i.e., /).

2. Configure your Gitploy token:

export GITPLOY_TOKEN=vrdxGkiokoSyhoRStgryF....